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How to Overcome Challenges

how to overcome challengesYou know that feeling when you have something meaningful to say, but you don’t have the guts?

You’re on a stage and hundreds of people are waiting. You’re thrown in cold sweats. Knees tremble. You’d better turn around and go back home.

The nervousness in stomach increases, because you don’t have experience and you don’t know what to expect. The fear of failure holds you back from promoting your ideas, from writing on your blog, or spreading the message to an audience.

What if they don’t get it?

You don’t want them to see you screwing up. You won’t stand the shame and humiliation. This is your worst nightmare. Isn’t it?

You’d better be a hero in your small world, rather than a small fish among big sharks. On the other side a thought keeps troubling you. What if 10 years from now you’ll regret of not trying? And you accept the challenge.

Now you are in the game and there is no way back. You either win or lose.

Too late to think about that. The viewer wants the circus. Act.

How in the hell will you defeat a stronger opponent?

Thanks for asking.

Look behind the curtain

Achilles, the hero of the Trojan war, was invulnerable in all of his body. However, he was shot in the heel with an arrow, and he died from that small wound.

Even the strongest opponents and biggest challenges have its weak points.
We don’t want anybody know about our weaknesses, because we don’t want to get hurt. It’s our human need.

Facing bigger challenges

Let’s face it. Size matters

Facing bigger opponents puts you in immediate disadvantage, and it’s scary and you feel unsure. But what if you’re faster, smarter, or savvier than him? It means there is a chance.

Can we than say, that size does matter, but it’s not everything? Continue Reading →

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