16 Jaw-Dropping Simple Life Blogging Experts

happy life cliff jumpingWith this new blog I’m jumping into the deep waters of the blogging world to write about one of my passions — living a happier and more simple life. I am so excited to launch Happy Simple Life, and if you are here, you probably share this passion for living with less and enjoying life more. I’m thrilled you are part of this community.

I want to offer you ideas, strategies, and inspiration for designing your  life around what truly matters to YOU most. A simple and happy life requires us to clear out the clutter – not only from our physical space, but also from our schedules, our thoughts, our relationships, and our emotions. Easier said than done, right? But together, we’ll learn from each other and share ideas and meaningful tips on how to improve ourselves so we can experience the happiest life – as we define that for ourselves.

And some of the best strategies come from experts who have written extensively about  simple living and happiness. As my way of celebrating the simple, happy life and sharing it with you, I have selected 16 of the best writers around the web who focus on this topic and offer inspiration for enjoying more of life with less stress, less stuff, and less worry. Hope you enjoy them!

Best Simple Life Blogs

joshua-becker-simple-lifeJoshua Becker- becomingminimalist.com

Simple living is against the grain of western lifestyle. The Become Minimalist blog shares the benefits of having fewer possessions and experiencing a happier life. Josh does a great job serving his large and growing audience of  followers with inspiring them to pursue the happiness found in owning less. His list of 21 benefits for living with fewer possession is compelling and sensible.


happy-life-simple-lifeBrooke McAlary- slowyourhome.com

The Slow Your Home website is about simplifying your daily life, decluttering, and having less stuff.  This is a beautiful blog with tons of practical information. Brooke is a wonderful and authentic writer, mom of two kids and published author. She writes personally about how living more simply and more mindfully and impacted her family.




Barrie Davenport- liveboldandbloom.com

Barrie  is an published author, certified coach and a prolific writer on her Live Bold and Bloom blog. Her wonderful blog posts guide you toward overcoming fear and happier living. Barrie is a certified life passion coach and helps others live happy and self-confident lives through her life coaching and writing. 




Steven Aitchison- stevenaitchison.co.uk/blog

Steve has a great blog title in Change your life Change your thoughts. Steven Aitchison is an authentic writer and offers great content for improving and changing our daily life and habits. He has has written 4 books and 5 different guides and has been interviewed on the radio many times.




Leo Babauta- zenhabits.net

 Leo is the creator and writer at Zen Habits. He’s married with six kids and lives in San Francisco. Time magazine recognized him as a top 25 blogger and his blog is dedicated to living a minimalist lifestyle. Leo is a top A-list blogger who has inspired so many to pursue their dreams and start a blog.



think tina-simple-life

Tina Su- thinksimplenow.com

Authentic and highly successful blog. Tina Su is a talented writer and professional photographer. She is married and a mom of a toddler. Originally from Canada now makes Seattle her home. Her blog at Think Simple Now focuses on fulfillment and on living a meaningful life.



simple life

Erin Doland- unclutterer.com

This is a blog about getting organized and having a simple life without clutter. Erin Rooney Doland is Editor-in-Chief. Erin has appeared on the Rachael Ray Show and has written for national publications like Real Simple Magazine.



simple living

Courtney Carver- bemorewithless.com

Courtney writes at this wonderful blog which offers you insights that will help you live on less by simplifying. She is a  43 year old blogger, mom to a teenage daughter and calls herself an aspiring minimalist. She is also a writer and photographer.  She has written 100’s of posts and has really grown her fan base.



simple living

Tammy Strobel- rowdykittens.com

Tammy has done a great job with her blog and is a writer and photographer. She writes about the tiny house movement and discusses living a simpler life in a smaller space. She writes daily for her own experience and offers tips about her favorite topics:happiness, tiny homes, and photography.



happiness lifestyle

Peter Clemens- thechangeblog.com

Peter has built up a big following since he started his blog in 2007 and has published more than 500 blog posts. He is married and has four sons (10-month old twins, 4 and 6 years old). Peter was born and raised in Perth, Australia and currently lives in Vancouver, Canada. He writes  posts on topics related to personal change and great stories.



Living positively

Dani Dipirro- positivelypresent.com

Dani started her blog, Positively Present, in 2009. Her site focuses on positive thinking and living in the present moment. Her personal development blog has grown to have a global following. She released her 1st book in 2012 called: Stay Positive: Daily Reminders from Positively Present.



happy living

Henrik Edberg- positivityblog.com

Henrik has built up a great following on his blog. He lives on the west coast of Sweden. He started his blog in 2006 writing practical posts and newsletters each week about simplifying life, relaxed productivity, self-esteem and happy living. Positivity Blog



simple marriage

Corey Allen- Simple Marriage

Corey is has a Ph.D. in Family Therapy. He has become a big name in the blogging world for married couples. He started his blog in January 2008 with the aim of helping people experience more in marriage and in relationships.



happy livingMarc and Angel Chernoff- marcandangel.com

Marc and Angel have created a very popular blog with over 600 articles on happiness, productivity, self-esteem and emotional intelligence. They have published a book called: 1,000 Little Things Happy, Successful People Do Differently.



happy passion

Jacob Sokol- sensophy.com/blog

Jacob lives in New York City and formally worked in IT before leaving his job 3 years ago to begin his blog. He writes about living a life of passion, purpose, progress and playfulness.



simple financial

Trent Hamm- thesimpledollar.com

Trent has built a big following as he helps people with being smart financially.  His start came from turning around his own financial situation. Within eight months after his financial meltdown he paid off all of his credit card debt, paid off his car, and  established an emergency fund.
I hope you visit these great blogs and enjoy the engaging self improvement content from all these authors. Which of these blogs is most interesting to you and why?

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